Barakatel Company (e-health service provider)

Producing electronic health records systems

Producing Software for 64 Service Provider Centers

Creating Communication System between Centers

Producing Health smart card with 2G capacity and more

Producing POS Devices to Support Local Information Storage

Producing online or offline health systems

Producing Family Physician's Systems

Health Call Center

Respond to health problems through system

Medical Consulting News for healthcare coverage

Health Data Center

Storing applied data of health Staff

Storing Health Data of Citizens

Support for Intelligent Information Management System


Online educational programs even without the need for Internet during classes

Possibility to independently provide side-systems for universities and other educational establishments

Use of telephone and Web Integration facilities

(Electronic Health Record) EHR

Demographic registration of citizens’ data

Determination of insurance status

Registration the process of choosing a family physician

Determine the target groups receiving health care package

Determine the target groups receiving health care package

Target groups healthcare services

Telemedicine Equipment

Intelligent Bed

Sending vital signs of emergency patients in ambulance

Laboratory Parameters’ Registration and Sending Device

Health Mobile (Measuring and sending sugar - lipid and electrocardiogram data)

Barakatel eHealth Services

Influenced by Setad1 policies and based on authorities’ guidelines with regard to the national interest, particularly serving the deprived society, Barakatel Company has been established and launched with the aim of constant and constructive activity in the health field with the extended coverage across the country and the participation of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Implementing e-Health projects increases Social justice in access to health services on the one hand, and decreases the need for deploying physicians and expensive diagnostic and treatment facilities to the deprived areas on the other hand. Introducing e-Health in the health field, while is primarily considered as a transformational process in current health workflow and activities, will led to organization of data and statistics, data analysis and decision making based on the updated information, scientific interventions with the aim of improving health indicators, health services development around the country and create an evaluation system to health processes.

Barakatel Company, a subdivision of Setad, has been established in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education according to the supreme leader’s guidances and considering social justice, particularly providing services in deprived areas, with emphasis on constructive and continues activities in the health field and extending of coverage across the country.

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